Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many layouts will I be able to operate?

A: Four, one session each on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning.

Q: On which railroads will I get to operate?

A: You will be able to review information on each host layout on the website, and then through your area coordinators submit your picks for the weekend. Our committee will do our best to see that everyone receives as many of their top choices as possible.

Q: I will be traveling with others and would like to operate together as a group over the weekend. Can this be arranged?

A: First preference will be to assign layouts based on each individual operator's selections. If you would like to operate together as a group please have your local coordinator note this on the Layout Selection Matrix. However, due to the varying crew sizes and schedule of layouts, it may not be possible to keep groups together.

Q: I got assigned a railroad that I am not particularly interested in attending. My friend got one of my picks and is willing to swap positions with me. Is this acceptable?

A: While it would be our preference that everyone attends their assigned sessions, it would be permissible to swap with another operator, as long as the layouts involved are not shorted on the number of operators. If you do want to swap a session with a fellow operator, we also ask that you notify an OS Omaha committee member ASAP so that we can update the layout hosts of their expected guests. A layout host (or helper) will be gathering their crews at the hotel prior to departure to ensure that everyone is accounted for and rides are provided. They will need to know who they are looking for.

Q: Will I need to bring my own radio?

A: No.