Layouts That Are No Longer a Part of OS Omaha

D&RGW Alamosa Division - David Hunt
Based on D&RGW operations in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. Dave's layout featured extensive operations in the dual gauge Alamosa yard as well as local work on both standard gauge and narrow gauge lines.

Dave took his layout down (with much help from his friends!) before moving to a new home in December, 2013. The new layout is now under construction, but progress has not been fast enough for anyone's satisfaction.
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Illinois Terminal in Alton, Illinois - Bob Schramm
The completed portion of the layout modeled the NYC/GM&O joint trackage in the area of Woodriver and East Alton, Illinois around 1965. The ITC portion of the layout was never constructed.

Sadly, Bob passed away in 2018 and was never able to complete his "final" layout.
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Iowa Interstate's West End - Joe Atkinson
The Iowa Interstate's West End, a nearly track-for-track recreation of the railroad from Atlantic to Council Bluffs, Iowa, provided a setting for realistic, yet relaxed operation that gave the two-man crews a taste of a day in the life of their prototype counterparts. Using actual IAIS track warrant forms and switch lists, you experienced what it was like to work for a slow-paced regional railroad in May of 2005...without all the heat, mosquitos, and walking. Also included Union Pacific trackage rights trains and detours.

A new version of the West End should joining OSOmaha in 2023.

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Missouri Pacific Bagnell Branch - Charlie Duckworth
This beautifully sceniced and detailed layout features the Missouri Pacific and Rock Island in the Central Missouri Ozarks. The Bagnell Branch hasn't disappeared, it just won't be operating for OSOmaha during our 2021 weekend.
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Montana & Colorado Southern - Steve Rodie
This layout modeled a freelanced prototypical Northern Pacific subsidiary in Idaho and Montana. D&RGW trackage rights trains made appearances and helpers were often required in the mountainous terrain.

The new M&CS joined OSOmaha in 2021. It is a much larger version of this original layout.
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Portland Terminal - Pete Vos
The Portland Terminal is not operating in 2021. This freelanced apartment layout focuses on industry switching in the Portland, Oregon area. Pete's layout won't be participating in OSOmaha 2021.
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Rock Island - Dan Munson
The Rock in Southeast Iowa in the late 1960s. Mainline, branch operations, and a large yard make this an ideal layout for anyone's taste.

The Rock Island was taken down when Dan moved away from Omaha in 2012.
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St. Joseph Terminal - Don Wetmore
This extensively researched railroad is based on prototype operations in and around St. Joseph, MO in 1960. Railroads featured include the CB&Q, AT&SF, RI, MP, CGW, UP, Union Terminal (MP), St. Joseph Belt (MP) and the St. Joseph Terminal (UP & AT&SF).

Don moved to Florida after retiring from UP. We look forward to visiting the St. Joe Terminal in its new home someday.
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Texas and Central - Charles Fennen
Based on the SP/T&NO Llano & Austin branches in the late 50s. Joint trackage operations with the Katy and interchange traffic with the MoPac and GC&SF are also featured.

Charles dismantled his layout shortly after OS Omaha 2011 and has developed an interest in modeling in 1 1/2" gauge.
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